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Back To Biking - or thinking about it?

If you are coming back to biking after a few years, a lot of things will be familiar, and a lot of things have changed!

You might enjoy and benefit from one of our Back-To-Biking days which reintroduce you to riding on today's road on modern machines, ease you back into the two wheeled world in radio contact with one an instructor together out on the road. You may be surprised at the grip of modern bike tyres, and the brakes. If you have not ridden for a few years you will certainly be impressed with the power, even on one of our "small" 500cc training bikes.

(Cornwall Bike Training "graduates"  at Loch Ness)

The roads have changed in the last few years, as have the road surfaces (and not always for the better) and most of the "big name" modern motorcycles are very quick, extremely reliable, comfortable and sophisticated machines with electric starters, many with sat-nav and heated grips for all year round rider (and passenger) comfort.

The idea of a back to biking day is to get you back into the swing of it - braking techniques, cornering lines, brush up on safe road position, safer riding etc.  It isn't an "advanced" course, but is designed as a good informal day out on the road where you can get back into good up to date riding habits and familiar with two wheels again.

Ideal if you already have a motorbike license taken some years ago but have not ridden a bike for some time!

Or if you have just passed your test and have your own bike you might be interested in a Confidence-Builder-Day. Aimed at the new rider, just to brush up and improve on the riding skills you learned for your test.


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