Cornwall Bike Training

CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)

Cost 100 (including motorcycle and all equipment) for a FULL day's training

  • Almost all  trainees complete the course in one day with Cornwall Bike Training.
  • You choose a machine to suit you and your intended future riding for the course.
  • We have  automatic ("twist  and go") 50cc scooters, or 125cc geared motorcycles specially for the CBT courses. (Later on you might choose to progress your training for a full motorcycle license on our 500cc motorcycles.
  • All our machines are serviced and kept in top condition by our own factory trained engineer, and checked daily for peace of mind and your safety on the road).

Your CBT certificate lasts two years, during which time you can ride under the terms of a provisional license with L plates. If you wish to continue riding after two years, you can take another CBT course.

CBT LESSONS - About the course

Before your CBT,  we recommend a look at the HIGHWAY CODE

Our current "bigger and better" off-road training site at Long Rock/Marazion

We have a training system that's sensible, fun, safe and enjoyable, and you only get onto the road in live traffic after a morning of practice and training on our training ground.

There is no pressure or hassle, you train at your own pace, if you learn quickly you may be out on the road slightly quicker, if you learn slowly that is no problem, we'll usually still have you safely out on one of our motorbikes or scooters in the afternoon. 

We don't teach with "lessons"!  Your instructor explains something, demonstrates it, and you try it. When you have mastered each step, and demonstrated it, you move on to the next step...

It's easy to book a CBT , just give us a call  01736 333 226

or email your training enquiry  We are always happy to answer any questions you have.

Cost (including motorcycle and all equipment) for a FULL day's training

Recommended site: HIGHWAY CODE

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